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Welcome to Family Motorsports


 This is the web site for Family Motorsports. Here you will find the history of Family Motorsports and where Family Motorsports is looking to go in the future. Please feel free to look around and think about becoming a sponsor for Family Motorsports.

Timothy's Race Car

 This is Timothy's race car. It is a 84 Chevrolet Caprice Strictly Stock Race Car. The car is going to be painted white with a grey interior. The number will change to 02, that is Tim's favorite number.

Please visit these sites for mor information on where and what type of racing we do.




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ASE Career Auto Mechanic and Engine Builder

My name is Robert and I have been an auto mechanic since 1987. I have been in racing since 1990. I have been in many types of racing. Slot Cars, Remote Control cars, Motocross and Stock Car Racing. I also build race cars and racing engines.

More Pictures

I've got all kinds of automotive photos. Come check it out!